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Our motivation.

Here in the Mostviertel, perry is and belongs everywhere but not in fine dining. That space is reserved for wine. Nobody can tell us why that is. It could be the simple reason we seldom drink perry that blows our minds. Too few producers have the highest qualities in mind when making perry, undermining the potential of the perry pear.


For us, that realization didn't happen overnight either. It started when Peter passed his education as a cider/perry sommelier, that we understood the potential of the perry pear and the treasure of the ancient pear trees around our farm. Year after year, the pear taught us how to highlight its characteristics even better. The perry we produced altered into a beverage we didn't know before, full of character and unique acidity structures. A drink that is a perfect fit for fine cuisine and plain fare despite or because of its lightness and acidity.

At the first Falstaff Cider Trophy 2019, we surprised – ourselves most of all – by winning in more than one category. That was a big incentive to work harder and start going our own ways. The single-tree-fillings - which began in 2020 - and the aging in barrique are some of them.

Our excitement for perry is so great we wouldn't know what else we would want to spend our time doing. Other than making better perry. It's inspirational work to make our ideas come true and tell the world about them. Our family supports us in what we do, and we are very grateful.

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