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About our perry

There are close to 200 old pear varieties found in the Mostviertel. But more and more of the precious old trees disappear. The harvest and cultivation seem too complicated, and additionally, the perry of this region doesn't get enough appreciation.


We think that is unacceptable. It's time to put the perry back on the stage where it belongs.

time for


1. The tree

There are a lot of stories the tree could tell. How many generations it saw come and go. How deep its roots reach and how much older it gets compared to the most famous grapevines.


And still, it's best to sit underneath it in its shadow and say nothing. And, of course, to taste the fruit it gives us.

2. The pear

pear It collects all the information: the specific character of the variety, the soil, and the climate. The diversity of tastes it can offer is out of this world. Perry pears have little sugar leading to perry which is low in alcohol. The refreshing acidity and aromas guarantee a long aftertaste on the palate. 

Each tree gives its fruit a particular character, dependent on age and location. Therefore, we put uniqueness into bottles: One tree. One Perry.

3. The Harvest

The harvest The best fruit is often found in the most challenging sites. For example, at 500 m above sea level, in the northernmost part of the Mostviertel. We only collect what the tree drops voluntarily. Therefore, we visit the tree many times during harvest. The hand selection of only the best pears is crucial, for only those make the best perry.

4. The vinification

Hard and clean work during harvest is rewarded with a delicious perry.
Once the smell of the first press fills the room, we can't help but get very emotional. It's the pleasant anticipation of what this year's perry will reveal. It's essential to work gently to step in only where necessary while giving the perry the room and time it needs.

5. The time

The time Our perry ages in the cellar for about a year. That is unusually long. We believe that every pear needs that amount of time to showcase its full potential. We use mainly stainless steel for aging, but more and more barrique barrels are coming into operation.

6. The Aim

Finally, the time has come: every pear characteristic is filled into a bottle. Pure and genuine. All traits, from friendly to emotional, zippy to wise, are shown. Separately or all at once, and always inspiring.


Cheers. Or how we call it: Gesundheit!

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